NextValue Research operates with a small permanent team of research managers. If required we work with outside professionals for the duration of individual projects.

Sander Smit

Sander Smit (MSc), founder of NextValue Research, studied Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has over ten years of experience as a researcher and research manager. He already developed a passion for research as a research assistent during his studies. After that he worked for ISEO (now SEOR) at the Erasmus University, The Dutch Family Council, and PQR-Research. Sander is an initiatior and organiser with strong analytical skills.

Dzenita Camo

Dzenita Camo (MSc) studied Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. As a student she was already working as a student assistent at Statistics department. Since 2011 Dzenita is working as a researcher for NextValue, being an added value by contributing from her expertise in research, media and communication. Dzenita has a passion for everything that has to do with new media and closely follows the latest developments in the field of media and research.


If necessary, NextValue Research works together with experts and independend professionals. We work, and have worked with: