Research approach (cont'd)

Once the client agrees with our proposal we can start our activities within one week. Depending on the research technique respondents are, in consultation with our clients, recruited by our researchers or by one of the recruitment agencies we work with.

We always have a minimum of two researchers working on a project, of which one senior. They are involved in the whole project, from research design to reporting results. This way our researchers always have a sparringpartner and our clients a fixed contact.

We always report in the way that best suits our client. This can be in Word or Powerpoint but a videopresentation, for instance, is also a possibility . If preferred we give a presentation of our research findings at our clients office.

NextValue is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research. In both fields we make use of tradional face-to-face, telephone and written techniques as well as more innovative digital techniques.

The eventual choice for a specific method depends on our clients intelligence needs. We have good experiences with working together with authorities and experts in various subject matters in cases where specific knowledge with regard to a particular subject was required.

NextValue follows the international code for marketing research as formulated by the European Society for Opinion and Market Research ESOMAR.

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