NextValue Research works on assignments from the public-sector and cultural agencies, corporations and non-profits.

Academia Vitae Foundation

Qualitative research on the meaning of solidarity and integrity in the Netherlands.

City of Apeldoorn

Visitors and sponsoring evaluation research for the Landscape and Architecture Triennale Apeldoorn. (In cooperation with the Foundation for Economy & Culture)

City of Franekeradeel

Market research and development of future scenario's for Theater de Koornbeurs. (In cooperation with Langeveld Consultancy)

Langeveld Consultancy

Qualitative and quantitative research for programming and reorganising several theaters in the Netherlands.

Luxor Theater Foundation

Market research for the positioning and the exploitation of the new middle auditorium in Rotterdam. (In cooperation with Langeveld Consultancy)


Evaluation of the roll out and the development of a future vision for the Klik & Tik project, education for mediawisdom in libraries.

Development of a measuring instrument for monitoring the effects of Klik & Tik's excercise programs for digital skills on endusers. The monitor focuses on computer illiterate users who work with these programs under supervision of a library employee and measures changes in skills as well as in behaviour and attitude.


Qualitative research on the civil society in the Netherlands and strategic developments in non-governmental organisations. (Together with prof. dr. A. Klamer, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Support Center for Language and Mathematics in Adult Education

On request of the Support Center for Language and Mathematics in Adult Education we have done an inventarisation of teaching materials and tests for low literacy audiences. This inventarisation will be used to inform schools and organisations concentrating on low literacy among adults, about the offer of teaching materials and tests for language, mathematics and digital skills. Besides this the Support Center also wants to have insight into the current offer of teaching materials for low literates.

The Expertisecentre for Remote Learning (

Qualitative and quantitative research for development and evaluation of multimedia distance learning programmes for basic education.

Trico Strategic Product Development

Consumer research and pre-testing new beverages